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Rythme libre (working title)
Artist: Milan Tomasik
Other People Involved:

Nina Fajdiga, Gyula Cserepes, Spela Vodeb, Tina Valentan

Country of origin: Slovenia
Status of the project: in planning
The artist is looking for: co-production

Milan Tomasik s dance project Rythme Libre (Free Rhythm) will explore the possibilities of rhythm generated from the physicality of dancers, from the ways that breathing, muscle tone, tension, its release and the flow of movement establish the audio and visual emphases of a performance, thus building its audio and visual rhythmic texture. The project will understand rhythm as free, just as it is free in free verse (vers libre), that is, not bound by measure, metre or any other external structure. Free rhythm grows from the relations between the elements that constitute it: from the tensions and the releases within individual dancing bodies and the relations between them. In Rythme Libre, five bodies (Gyula Cserepes, Nina Fajdiga, Milan Tomasik, Tina Valentan, Spela Vodeb ) will weave the texture of the space and time of the performance. They will do this by using their constant presence on stage, simultaneous action and the interplay of rest and movement, thereby establishing various relations and spatial and temporal points of condensation with gaps in-between.
The external framework of the performance will be formed by the interplay of activity and resting within which the body appears as the central point from where everything emanates and where everything converges. The body is the force that drives the performance but, in its infinite potentiality, it is also its elusive final goal. In the intermediate field the field of action the rhythm emerges as a texture of tension: between the individual and the collective, between the personal and the physical, between the communicative and the organic, between the particular and the whole.

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